Interior design as a unique combination of shapes, colors and materials, presents the appearance of your house, its functionality and the atmosphere it creates.

It is a reflection of your lifestyle and should be comfortable and beautiful.

The kitchen should be inviting, comfortable and functional. The arrangement of the appliances and cupboards should be optimal from an aesthetic viewpoint and should facilitate house work.

The bedroom is the room for resting and sleeping, so the atmosphere there should be calm and cozy. A key factor for the comfort in the bedroom is the location of the bed and the wardrobe, as well as the lighting. Hidden lighting, bracket lamps or bedside lamps can be used.

The living room is used every day by all family members. It is the premise, where you receive your guests and it manifests your taste and style. It is important that the living room should create a comfortable and functional atmosphere for you and your guests.

The corridor is a transient room that creates the first impression of the house and its owners and prepares the guests for its interior. It is very important that it should be well lit, clean and not piled with furniture.